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The Sleep War

20 Oct , 2014  

#10m0 #babysleep #babiesarethecutestwhentheyresleeping #nopleasegotobed #cryinggrownmanaintcute Since becoming a mom, I finally, finally know what it means by 24 hours in a day ain’t enough. Tried to put the 10 mo bubs to sleep for his afternoon nap but the little bugger refused to. On the other hand, Pips and I were all ready to crash on […]

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10 ways to increase Breastmilk Supply (even when baby is a few months old, yes it’s possible! and doable!)

8 Sep , 2014  

#infoticle #breastfeeding #pumping #increasingsupply Here is a breastfeeding article that may be useful to many bf moms, hope it helps! RayRay is 8mo now, which also marks the age of my bf journey. Woohoo! I am glad I decided to just plunge straight into this foreign world of bf, and give what I can to little […]

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Nursing Cover Giveaway! 7 uses of nursing covers you never knew!

8 Sep , 2014  

#Giveaway #mummyslovenursingcover #FREEnursingcover Hello all! As you guys know, I have always been a supporter of the #normalizebreastfeeding campaign. Coupled with a I-don’t-bloody-care-who’s-looking-at-me-ye-friggin-voyeur attitude, I have always direct latched Ray outside. However, this upcoming weekend, our little family is gonna have a short getaway to KL with the whole extended Ong family to Malaysia, and […]

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Restaurants, Cafes & Mamajas in Support of #WBW World Breastfeeding Week! BF Moms Dining Promo alert!

25 Jul , 2014  

#MamajasWBW #WBW #WorldBreastfeedingWeek #ExpressYourself #latchon #freethenipple #breastfeeding #NIP #normalize breastfeeding UPDATED 29 JULY 2014 Dear PARENTS, I have VERY EXCITING NEWS to share, especially for BREASTFEEDING MOMS! The first week of August (1st – 7th August) is World breastfeeding week and Jashuat has started an initiative to CELEBRATE this week for all of us BREASTFEEDING MOMMIES […]

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Breastfeeding – protecting baby with BM live antibodies

30 May , 2014  

#5mo #Feverinthefamily #BMpower! Poor Lil bubs was sick on Sunday, with fever hitting a high of 38.7℃. Thankfully though, with what I attribute to a healing mix of BM packed with powerful LEE antibodies, Koolfever and plenty of rest on daddy and mommy’s sacrificial arms, his fever went down fairly quickly to 38.4, and gradually decreased […]

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Bottle Review Part II + Tips to get your baby to bottlefeed!

21 May , 2014  

#throwback #3mo bottletraining One of the biggest challenges that I faced as a breastfeeding mom, ironically had nothing to do with bf, but bottlefeeding. I was always told that baby may have nipple confusion, and not want to latch, so I insisted upon exclusive direct latching until a week before I was to return to work, […]

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Bottle Review Part I: #Bottlefeedingfail #youarenotalone

16 May , 2014  

#throwback-3months old #bottlefeedingfail (1.5mths) #Rayis5monthsoldnow Some of you would know that I have been struggling with the issue of trying to bottlefeed Ray, since I so openly lament and share my woes about him not drinking from the bottle. It helps to spread the misery around, cushions the pain a little haha.

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Le Breastfeeding Journey – Tips and Advice for BF matters

13 Apr , 2014  

THE INITIAL BREASTFEEDING DAYS – ACCEPT HELP FROM NURSES AND LACTATION CONSULTANTS   When I first had Ray, the initial few days in attempting to breastfeed him were so bumpy. I was in the hospital, all worn out after an excruciatingly painful labour (I’ll concede that I’m a wuss and have a low pain threshold), […]