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The hideousness of Post Partum Depression

12 May , 2017  

After months of anxious anticipation and excitement, the birth of a child is a wondrous moment that calls for celebration. It’s the beginning of a new life, a new story waiting to be written and spun. It is a beautiful tale of love and family, bathed in glorious hues of gold. In this story, there […]

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Bringing up our children right – Lessons learnt from the Hawker VS Man (Cockroach/NEA) spat

28 Dec , 2015  

#sg50 #socialmediaspat The latest social media drama to hit town is that of Hawker vs Cockroach Man spat. Essentially, this spat has gone viral in a post chronicled by the hawkers’ daughter, Andrea Gail Poon. The story goes that a girl (a child) took utensils from said hawker stall (without permission, without purchasing food) and […]

Current Affairs Editorial

Checks and balances are necessary – is it time for the opposition to step up to the big game just yet?

6 Sep , 2015  

I contemplated the writing of this piece for some time, wondering how to best convey my thoughts and feelings of fear, pain and confliction at the path that we are treading this elections, and what I suspect to be the elections henceforth. Over the past decade, I have seen the waves of change washing over […]

Current Affairs Editorial

The return of the Kampung spirit – Updated version 2.0

7 Aug , 2015  

#SG50 #wearesingapore Hi guys  As some of you may know, I am actually really, really busy right now! What with work, bubs and getting things ready for our house. Yes! Finally, finally, finally, after 5 loooooooooooong years of waiting, Pips and I are finally going to move into our own home, and are now busy […]