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Playing with your child: How to help your child to crawl

14 Aug , 2014  

#Crawling at 7mo #milestones Hi everybody Thanks for supporting #MamajasWBW, it was a very successful event! Yay to breastfeeding! Today, I am going to write a long overdue, promised article on Play – Playing with bubs with a special focus on helping your child to crawl. Ray has started crawling (since 6mths plus, 7mo) and […]

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This amazing little thing called love – Happy 6 months baby!

17 Jun , 2014  

We wanted to see the world and explore its nooks and crannies before planning for a baby. To travel so much till we got sick. To travel so much and feel so satisfied that we’d finally explore the idea of having a baby. But that time came sooner than expected when mom had a great bout […]

Baby Ray

Baby Ray loves having his face kissed

9 May , 2014   Video

TGIF! yay it’s the weekend and I hope all of you are as happy as Rayray here. I know I am, cuz I’ll soon be going home to the little one that keeps me up all night and demands my attention all day 🙂 Xox and happy mama’s day! Jas

Baby Ray

Happy 3 Months Baby Ray!

17 Mar , 2014  

Hi little munchkins! This was you when you first arrived in this world on 17 December 2013. Tiny and big at the same time. Such a small little babe you were then, yet, so big that it seems amazing even till now, that you managed to squish yourself in my tummy and grow, grow, grow […]