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Spare the Rod and Raise your Child

14 Sep , 2017  

I am not the most patient of people, as my long suffering husband would know lol. Aligned with my general impatience, I also used to firmly believe in “spare the rod and spoil the child”. After all, striking a child is the fastest and easiest way to make him listen and comply. I was brought […]

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CNY Woes – Do NOT feed me without my mama’s permission

31 Jan , 2016  

  I’ve managed to coast through the previous two CNYs comfortably – by this, I mean it had pretty much been a breeze breastfeeding Ray freely during those CNY visits, as well as avoid giving him processed concoctions chockfull with sweet poison, AKA sugar, and other nutritionally devoid ingredients (bleached, processed flour, potato chips, salt, […]

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The right language environment for our kids – should we accommodate Singlish and dialects within this space?

28 Oct , 2015  

#sg50 #22mo #babylanguage What is the right language environment for our kids in Singlishpore? I am here to confess that I have no answers to this, for there is no perfect answer either! At 22mo, Ray is pretty vocal for his age, and you know he is a true blue Singaporean when he uses his […]

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Baby Ray counting

15 Jul , 2015  

#vid #throwback #16mo Hi guys! This is just a short vid of Ray counting down from 1 – 10 back when he was abt 16mo? He could count for some time by then, though he loved to skip his 4s and 7s for some strange, unfathomable reason. Proud and happy to say that he doesn’t […]

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SG50 Announcement (fab prizes up for grabs!) and My Amazing Talker (14mo)

8 Mar , 2015  

#SG50 #fantasticprizes #upforgrabs #amazingtalker #smartbaby #considermeamazed #14mo SG5o SG50 SG50… simisai also SG50? LOL… yeah I know that feeling, but when you LOVE this nation, and are an excellent opportunist, how not to jump on the bandwagon and celebrate SG50??? S0 here I am, proud to announce that Jashuat will be part of SG50 with some exciting contests […]

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My little Walker

27 Feb , 2015  

#14mo ##cnyspringcleaning #mamaslittlehelper #learningtowalk #littlewalker #milestone Cutiepie has been learning to walk for some time now but just over the past 3 days or so, has walked fairly steadily by himself. Feels as if it is an overnight change and he can suddenly walk so well! He can even get up and down and wipe […]

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What I wish for you to know

7 Feb , 2015  

As bubs cry for the second time tonight (thankfully I’m still wide awake Cuz it’s only 9.45pm now), searching for his comfort suckle, I quickly scoop him up and cradle him. He nurses easily and naturally in the warm embrace of my arms. Would be better if he doesn’t perspire buckets from where his head […]

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Dancing Baby!

18 Dec , 2014   Video

#11mo #milestonevid #dancingbaby #rockingtothevamps #wildheart #illbeyoursandyoullbemine Play some music and watch your baby groove!

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The Sleep War

20 Oct , 2014  

#10m0 #babysleep #babiesarethecutestwhentheyresleeping #nopleasegotobed #cryinggrownmanaintcute Since becoming a mom, I finally, finally know what it means by 24 hours in a day ain’t enough. Tried to put the 10 mo bubs to sleep for his afternoon nap but the little bugger refused to. On the other hand, Pips and I were all ready to crash on […]

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Precious moments at every turn

20 Aug , 2014  

#8mo #achievementunlocked When I was preggers with Ray, something in me grew (alright you trolls, I’m trying to be metaphorical, not literal hurhur). Methinks it was the maternal instinct that gently bubbled from within and soon embraced me in its warm caress. Oh what a wonderful instinct it is!