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Love, My Love story

L’il Pips

8 Jul , 2008  

I’m back home and every little puzzle piece is starting to fall nicely back into the picture. As if I had never left. Leaving for Shanghai, I knew I was going to embark on another adventure, a life like Singapore, and yet unlike Singapore. Topmost on my mind was the extra edge this overseas internship […]

Love, My Love story

Home in a little more…

28 Jun , 2008  

Dear All Soon it will be the end of yet another 6 months exchange. I can’t believe that I have been away from home for 6 months since. In these 6 months, I’ve been to Hong Kong twice, Shenzhen twice, Guangzhou once (transiting to Shanghai from HongKong), and will be heading to Guangzhou again via […]

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That’s my money ure spending! MINE MINE MINE!

5 Jun , 2008  

I finally found the perfect reasons why Boonei and I are best friends. it is cuz we are fellow retards, and it is not very often you find two retards who think they’re smart but get caught in the most ridiculous of situations, doing the most amazingly dumbest things ever and then, best thing of […]

Personal Musings

The little girl and her lost footsteps

19 May , 2008  

She is afraid, and she thinks she knows why. She wishes she could be brave, a lion’s heart in her if there ever was such a thing, but she can’t. She tries, yes, she does. She pushes the swing several times, the little girl that she is, and when the little boy sitting on it […]

Personal Musings

dunno how I ended up writing about and to you, Dear Baldy (:

13 Nov , 2007  

Dear Diary Just had alot of various things weighing on my mind, so I decided to clear my head a little so I could go back to studying. I know I don’t act like it my first paper is tomorrow. You know Baldy, whenever I am troubled, I always think of you. Sometimes,  it seems […]

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A Blessed day – the BOTTOMS UP approach

3 Sep , 2007  

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m deciding to update on my life today, a truly extraordinary day in all the wrong ways. TODAY is such a BAD LUCK day for me! My day started off on the absolute WRONG note. In the morning at 6 bloody 15 am, my mom’s bloody hp rang shrilly. […]

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Man U vs Sunder & Lvp vs Derby County

2 Sep , 2007  

The first match played at abt 8pm (Sg time) was Liverpool versus Derby. What a match seriously. Liverpool totally whooped Derby’s ass like nobody’s business. A freaking 6-0 rout. I am a Manchester United fan and by default, not supposed to sing praises of the enemy, BUT Liverpool was really BRILLIANT. Their passes were slick, […]



28 Jul , 2007  

Hey Baldy Just wanted to tell you sorry that I am not able to visit you this year on 26th July, but well, I hope to see you on your birthday okies? I guess I’m kinda sad that u seem to be fading away, that we seem to be growing further apart as more and […]

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6 Jul , 2007  

Hey Everybody I’ve been home for like 2 weeks already. The 1st week of my homecoming, perhaps I thought I was still in India, so I didn’t get ard to reconnecting my hp line. So sorry folks, (like Vanessa, Kenneth, Yuxin zeh zeh etc) if you guys sent me smses, i never received them! Not […]

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Off to e Police Station to lodge a report…

30 May , 2007  

Horrors horrors! After losing my lovely lovely Adidas watch, (which I didn’t make a report… DUH~ cuz i lost it in school) I decided not to take any chances with this. I HAD TO MAKE a police report, otherwise, consequences would be grave. Very, very grave indeed. Thus I shall start today’s entry on a […]

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