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PJ at Marina Barrage

21 Feb , 2009  

Had a conversation with Kel the other night, and he was saying that I’m the type of girl that puts boyfriend ahead of friends. I protested immediately of course – “That is so not true, dude. I still meet up with my friends, like you. Like now.” Then he said it was cuz Pips lets […]

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Half more day!

13 Feb , 2009  

Half more day to Vday… Amidst all the WORK and ASSIGNMENTS DUE THIS coming week, I’m kinda excited! Something to look forward to! A nice day with you, parading as one of those disgusting couples in love! hahah Love you mwacks. You know who you are 😉

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This gift

22 Jan , 2009  

You know what? At this moment in my life, even though the future is everchanging, even though nothing can ever be certain infinitely, even though this is a long-term thing that carries higher risks (analogy from biz finance. OH GOD), at this moment in my life, you are the world to me. And I feel […]

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Baldy and Me

8 Jan , 2009  

I dreamt of you last night Baldy. I dreamt of you trying to protect me. By fighting off the baddies. Like how Pips protects or tries to comfort me in my waking hours, you are my hero in my sleep. Thanks Baldy. Some friendships last a lifetime, and in our case, beyond. Jasmine

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My future Home

4 Jan , 2009  

Well.. just wanted to note things I want in my own home before I ever forget them

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My 2008

4 Jan , 2009  

Hey all Doing my leg exercises (physiotherapy) to help my operated-on leg regain muscles  so I can lose the robocop Jas look. Another year has just passed by, silently but eventfully. I’ve been to Shanghai and back, got to know Pips and the Shanghai gang like Kelvin, John, had a leg op, and am now […]

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It’s you and me

21 Nov , 2008  

I’ll always keep you close Hide you in the left-breasted pocket of mine, Away from the world And on the days when my heart surges I’ll take the little you out Safe in my palm So dont run away And I wont either And we’ll keep on running Down this endless road of ours So […]

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Why girls dont like stingy guys

8 Oct , 2008  

I wonder, is a love stripped to its barest, truest, purest form enough for this world that we live in?

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Aurora’s dreams

3 Oct , 2008  

When she holds on to his hands, her heart sings a little lark song When she hears his words of sincerity, her heart snuggles with a happy sigh When she thinks of him and her, her mind wanders as her lips part into a smile And yet, nothing is certain, for  noone can tell what […]

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If they could dance to the music of their love, they’d be dancing forever under the silvery moonlit night

28 Aug , 2008  

“A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.” –Ingrid Bergmen “You’re nothing short of my everything.” —Ralph Block “I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald