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An ode to dads (P.S. we love you, Pips)

5 Mar , 2014  

Dear daddies out there With the birth of a child, your first child, your life is the same no more. In this flurry of newness and activity, much has been fussed over the wife and the baby. More often than not, your role has been overlooked in favour of the moms, and it’s not without […]

Pregnancy & Labour

Tips and Advice for first time moms giving birth – PRE-LABOUR

19 Feb , 2014  

Salut! Ray is 2 months and 2 days old today. Hurrah to the li’l boy who has completely stolen my heart. It’s amazing how Pips and I can immediately love this little boy, who technically is a strange, foreign face when he was born. Guess the bonding and love started even before he was born […]

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Draw Something – Can you guess the picture?

30 Dec , 2013  

Was looking through my iPad photos when I came across the below series of screenshots I took while playing ‘Draw Something’, which was all the rage in mobile gaming a while back. Think I was annoying the hell out of whoever I was playing with when I took my own sweet time to draw lol…

Pregnancy & Labour

The last lap to the finish line now!

16 Dec , 2013  

“Ah, how quickly the hands on the clock circle toward the future we thought was far away! And how soon we become our mothers.” ― Peggy Toney Horton Came across this quote while thinking and then, googling about how quickly time passes us by. What an apt quote, considering I’m gonna be a mom soon, and […]

Pregnancy & Labour

Baby Ong… coming to you in December 2013

4 Aug , 2013  

Hi everybody! It has been many years since I last wrote an article or blog entry, and there has been no better impetus for me to do so than now. I am preggers! About 4.5 mths along now with Baby Ong. I know I told all of you, my friends, that Pips and I had […]

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Random crap


17 Apr , 2009  

I will be heading off to Australia the day after my exams! Talk about cool, talk about being a jetsetter! I am a little concerned though, whether this will clash with interviews and stuff… So I must remember to: 1) Activate my phone to Pay as you roam in case I receive important calls. I will […]

Personal Musings


8 Apr , 2009  

You are the rainbow paintbrush that colors the entire canvas of my life. No music can be great if there’s no life breathed into it. How’s that? You are the life in someone else’s life. You are the force that induces tears of untold, quiet bliss. You are that white knight with that toothy smile […]

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Darn that kancheong spider blood in me

2 Apr , 2009  

As John said, and how true it is, both of us possess the kancheong spider blood. Possessors of this blood type, though uncommon, is not rare either. They cannot stand to wait, and despite being told “be patient” constantly, they simply cannot, which often results in failed surprises (by others), worry, unhappiness, and in a […]

Personal Musings

Saying thanks

20 Mar , 2009  

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT TO HARVARD MISS LIM YAN STEPHANIE!!!!!!!! Hahah… too shy to say it? I SHALL ANNOUNCE IT FOR YOU! NO NEED TO FEEL SHY NO MORE! hahah. Yes YEs YES! YOU READ RIGHT! Stephanie, “quite-the-genius” Lim is going to HARVARD where Bill Gates was from, where Mark Zuckerberg was […]

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Cleo’s Bachelor Party!

13 Mar , 2009  

I am heading off to Cleo’s Bachelor party in a few hours time! Wasn’t really intending to go, gauging from the neverending tormenting presence of FYP, but Steph was all upbeat about it, so we are gonna scoot off to Zirca. Not interested in any hunks though. Pips is very adorable, and just nice for […]