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Photograph (by Ed Sheeran) – will it be a pic of you laughing with your kids, or you staring into your phone?

28 Sep , 2017   Video

What is your child’s favorite food? What does he do in school? What songs does he like? Can you answer any of the above with confidence? Yes, great! Here’s more – The last time your child asked you something while you were on your mobile, did you put said gadget down, look your son in […]

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Spare the Rod and Raise your Child

14 Sep , 2017  

I am not the most patient of people, as my long suffering husband would know lol. Aligned with my general impatience, I also used to firmly believe in “spare the rod and spoil the child”. After all, striking a child is the fastest and easiest way to make him listen and comply. I was brought […]

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Losing your WEDDING BAND- survival guide when shit hits the fan

21 Jul , 2017  

Ok, there are ONLY TWO THINGS you can do before you’re found out (1) pray you find the missing ring before anyone else finds it/out (2) pray your partner has a big heart. I didn’t manage to achieve (1) but I must have done something right in my past life because I achieved (2). PHEW!!! […]

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The hideousness of Post Partum Depression

12 May , 2017  

After months of anxious anticipation and excitement, the birth of a child is a wondrous moment that calls for celebration. It’s the beginning of a new life, a new story waiting to be written and spun. It is a beautiful tale of love and family, bathed in glorious hues of gold. In this story, there […]

Dining out, Foodie Alert!

#Rounduplah @ Timbre!!!

4 Nov , 2016  

#ROUNDUPLAH #foodie #jashuatyums Where in this world can you have a smashing good time, fill up your belly and still be a good Samaritan for the day? Look no further guys! I’m suuuuuper excited (and also proud, because this was the work project that I was working on before I gave birth) to share with […]

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Baby Ray’s 1st Overseas Trip: Taiwan (Part 2: Taichung, Nantou, Lugang)

7 Oct , 2016  

This is part 2 of our Taiwan travel blog, you can check out part 1 of our Taiwan post at  Taiwan travel blog Part 1: Taichung, Xinshe, Cingjing DAY 4: SUN MOON LAKE日月潭 We had our complimentary breakfast in the guesthouse. The food is simple but nice, and Jas especially liked the milk tea. Taiwanese milk […]


Great Places to go Pokemon Hunting (with your Kids)!

9 Aug , 2016  

Who says parents gotta be all serious and can’t join in the Pokecraze? Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we are fuddy duddies ok! On the same note, just because we are into Pokemon Go doesn’t mean we neglect our kids either! So this is a post for us cool Pokeparents, who take pride […]

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Deliciously good Apple Crumble Recipe

17 Jul , 2016  

Heya everyone This is a post to share my apple crumble recipe, which has been much lauded by the hubby and friends, hehe. I am no domestic goddess, so when I’ve hit jackpot with this recipe, you definitely will too! Still I’ve come a loooooong way from my days of mistaking fahrenheit for degree celsius, where […]

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Happy Father’s Day ye crappy hubby!

11 Jun , 2016  

You know. Husbands are really shit. They do the darndest things and are like the biggest kid you’ll ever have. They give you a million and two ideas on the different ways you could be going about your usual shit (and thereby propelling your shit status into the non-shit hemisphere high up in the milky […]

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CNY Woes – Do NOT feed me without my mama’s permission

31 Jan , 2016  

  I’ve managed to coast through the previous two CNYs comfortably – by this, I mean it had pretty much been a breeze breastfeeding Ray freely during those CNY visits, as well as avoid giving him processed concoctions chockfull with sweet poison, AKA sugar, and other nutritionally devoid ingredients (bleached, processed flour, potato chips, salt, […]