About Jashuat



IMG_7617 (2)Hello kawan kawan!

We are Jashuat, consisting of Papa Pips and Mama Jas. An agnostic family of 3, we are pragmatic realists who generally believe in a science-based approach to life. This mentality carries through in some of the articles we share on this blogsite; we are kiasu people who do mad research before we commit to something big, and will share the fruits of our research with you.

This blogsite documents our parenting journey as we raise our kid(s) up, and as opinionated people with very strong views, we hope to share our parenting philosophy with you, and hope you buy into our approach to parenting and life.

Attachment parenting is the way we choose to raise our kid(s), and so far, it has worked wonders (mostly). This means no sleep training, lotsa fresh milk on tap for bubs, lotsa babywearing, and viewing and talking to our kid(s) as mini adults.

As a board director at a childcare centre pioneering the Reggio Emillia approach in Singapore, Jas also believes in lotsa outdoor play and children led learning, so we will also be sharing ways to make learning fun and effortless for our kids. Learning should never be tedious, at least not when they are so young!

On a graver note, Jashuat also suffers badly from wanderlust, and have managed to self-diagnose ourselves as chronic travellers. Symptoms such as a compulsive desire to check out cheap air tickets every couple of months has long developed, and a permanent hole in pocket situation due to this very expensive condition has surfaced and looks like it is here to stay.

Still we make the most of what we have, and believe ourselves to be sensible, intelligent individuals that make up the beautifully wonderful family known as Jashuat who on the flipside, are narcissistic, headstrong, opinionated and can be bitchy at times lol. We try our very best to put on the facade of being nice people, so play along with us when you meet us. Think of it as your good deed of the day!

Centering our lives is chief terrorist, Rayray, who at the grand old age of 2 years old, is turning out to be a very bossy little fella who could possibly be an excellent diplomat in future, considering how he wheedles his way through things:

(in the afternoon, under the care of his grandpa and grandma)
Ray: Ah mah, on cartoon!

(in the evening, when the TV is switched on and mommy’s home)
Ray: Mummy, I no watch cartoon!
(5 mins later, calls his aunt who is watching TV)
Ray: Gugu, gugu!
(Proceeds to slump in front of the TV and blatantly watches it, despite what he said earlier. Btw, as you can tell, Jas is NOT a fan of letting kids have screentime, which makes Pips very sad because he loves slumping on the couch and vegetating all day in front of the TV. However, along with little Ray, is banned from watching TV and he loves to share this sorry tale of himself with anyone who would listen LOL)


So come along and join us on our journey as we navigate the trials and joys of parenthood, life and travels together.